Island Life

Christmas in Barbados

Christmas is in the air here in Barbados, literally! You can feel that cool breeze at night whilst enjoying all the Bajan Christmas food and drinks! 


Christmas Ham in Barbados

During the holiday season in Barbados, nothing comes to mind more than ham, it is practically synonymous with the word Christmas. Once cooked right, there is nothing quite like eating a ham covered in honey mustard and clove right out the oven. The comfort it...

Poinsettia in Barbados

Seen either in the gardens or potted in the houses of almost every Barbadian at Christmas is Poinsettia. Explosive in its red and very vibrant colour, the poinsettia is actually indigenous to Mexico and Central America. The popular Christmas plant derives its...

Sofie Warren of Sofie Warren Photography

Our next "meet a bajan" segment is here and we are so happy to introduce the very talented Sofie Warren of Sofie Warren Photography. Her work is 100% island inspired and we swear she will be the next big thing...

A Little Friday Inspiration from Loop Barbados

Let's take a journey into ourselves shall we. A wonderful Friday to all our fabulous readers!

Early morning VS late night in Barbados

Tell us, do you prefer stargazing late at night, or rising early and watching the sun rise?

Sunrise at Cattlewash

This photo was taken on Cattlewash beach at just about 5.45 AM, the sun was rising in such a glorious and graceful manner. A moment I will never forget. Have a wonderful weekend...

Meet Gloria, the Cheapside Market Vendor

So I made my way into Barbados’ capital, Bridgetown, today, to get a glimpse of...