Island Life

Island life in Barbados

From the bright and beautiful foods, to the cotton-candy sunsets, to the heartfelt heritage, Barbados really does have it all!

Island life in Barbados

Barbados Blooms: The Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers are one of those infamous tropical flowers which you will notice dotted everywhere around Barbados. They grow on large bushes and can be found in a variety of colours, from vibrant red to pink to white and even yellow! They grow between 4 and...

Inch Marlow Beach Barbados

Located on the South Coast of Barbados, in the parish of Christ Church is a lovely collection of bays named Inch Marlow. A surfer's paradise it is often referred to; as there are usually consistent waves throughout the year, particularly suitable for beginner...

Street Food VS. Fine Dining

When visiting Barbados would you choose a fine dining meal such as one from The Tides Restaurant above? Or would you prefer to buy street food from a local Vendor like Hot...

Allamanda Flower Barbados

A determined climber and one of the most popular flowers in Barbadian gardens is the Allamanda. Although a native to Brazil, the Allamnada was brought to Barbados and now screams its yellow buttercup shaped flowers all over the island. The Allamanda is a woody...

Relaxation is the only cure!

It's is Friday which means it is time to relax! A wonderful weekend to all of our wonderful friends!

The colours of The Caribbean

Barbados is overflowing with Caribbean character, however it unique in so many ways! From our rugged East Coast to our tropical gardens!


Cohobblopot Crop Over Barbados

The Festival season is not complete without the red hot and spicy Cohobblopot! In Barbados, Cohobblopot is the most exciting and biggest stage show event of the Crop Over Season. It is held at Kensington...