Island Life

Can never get sick of these blues

And as usual, Barbados has been showing off its character and colours all week long! 

bits and bobs of beauty

We never get tired of this place!...

Coast VS Culture Artwork

What kind of artwork do you prefer? Coastal views or cultural scenes? Or maybe both! These two pieces, one by Catherine Forter Chee-A-Tow and one by Kirsten Dear - both are absolutely fabulous and fun!

The Black Pearl of Barbados

The Black Pearl or Velvet-Seed Tree officially called The Mgambo Tree is a highly ornamental small tree that has shiny foliage and an attractive growth habit with a nice rounded canopy; this makes them well suited to small tropical gardens or as a beautiful...

A little inspiration this Friday from us in Barbados

This statement made by Mahatma Gandhi oh so long ago still remains true. It is from our people that our culture emerged and continues to be present. Whether it be in our food, music, or annual activities the people and therefore culture of Barbados is like no...

Barbados Blues

We will never get tired of the blues of Barbados..breathtaking every time!

Bits and bobs from around the island

The above is a display of our great...

Purple VS White Anthuriums

Which colour anthurium would you choose Purple or White? Happy Friday to all our readers and friends! Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Friday from Loop Barbados

This is so very true. We must always remember to never let life escape us! 

Merry Christmas from Loop Barbados

Wishing all of our readers and their friends and family a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!