santas got a sunburn

Merry Christmas from Loop Barbados

All de seasons a de year start with C - Congaline, Crop Over, Cricket and Christmas!

Have a very Merry one!

Caribbean Christmas

Yes Santa's got a sunburn, yes we drink rum and ponche de crem rather than eggnog, yes the closest thing to snow are snow cones, and yes we roast breadfruit and cornbeef rather than chestnuts; still, there's nothing quite like a Caribbean Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Loop Barbados

Wishing all of our readers and their friends and family a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Christmas Ham in Barbados

During the holiday season in Barbados, nothing comes to mind more than ham, it is practically synonymous with the word Christmas. Once cooked right, there is nothing quite like eating a ham covered in honey mustard and clove right out the oven. The comfort it...

Poinsettia in Barbados

Seen either in the gardens or potted in the houses of almost every Barbadian at Christmas is Poinsettia. Explosive in its red and very vibrant colour, the poinsettia is actually indigenous to Mexico and Central America. The popular Christmas plant derives its...

Great Cake Barbados

Great Cake is one of those Christmas desserts which you will see in every Barbadian's household during the month of December. Also called Christmas Cake or Black Cake, Great Cake really signifies a part of our Bajan Culture. Originally, the cake was once...

Ponch de Creme {ponch a Crema}

We are back with our "Santa's Got A Sunburn" segment which features various Barbadian/Caribbean Christmas traditions. We thought we would start it off with the creme de la creme of Christmas cocktails...

Christmas Candles Barbados

The Christmas season is here in Barbados and one of those things which pops up everywhere you look, are what we call Christmas Candles, the scientific name for this shrub is Senna alata. Now it is not exactly what it sounds like- The Christmas Candle...