Barbados colors

Barbados is full of beauty! From the blue hues of our waters..

Our beaches are to die for in Barbados

We have to say that we do have a great quality of life here in Barbados! Just look at what our days look like, from the fire blazing sunsets, to the crystal clear water and beautiful country views. Sometimes we have to sit back and really take it all in to...

Barbados Blues

The weekend is here and we are so excited to explore our little Island, Barbados.

oh Barbados !

Barbados Blues

Some sunny images of around our rock!

Blue Skies in Barbados

And some stunning sunsets that never get old! 


Skies and Seas of Barbados

Here is a littel recap of what life has looked like in Barbados. We just cant get enough of the skies and seas and the shades of colour they exude!


Cultural beauty in Barbados

Just a little look into our life here in Barbados. Every day we pass by the amazing cultural beauty of the island, whether it be a charming chattel house or the historic Parliament building in...

Island life in Barbados

From the bright and beautiful foods, to the cotton-candy sunsets, to the heartfelt heritage, Barbados really does have it all!

Island life in Barbados

The colours of The Caribbean

Barbados is overflowing with Caribbean character, however it unique in so many ways! From our rugged East Coast to our tropical gardens!