History and Heritage of Barbados

Have a look into our island life here in Barbados: we have so much history and heritage which surrounds us on the island, sometimes we seem to forget but we did make a little visit to Villa Nova a few...

Colours of the Caribbean

We won't deny it; our Island life is pretty sweet...Or as Bajans would put it 'sweet fuh days'...we have such interesting and beautiful features both culturally and geographically. From the old buildings in Speightstown to the food we grow...


The Dramas of Barbados

Barbados is one of the few islands of the Caribbean with split personalities; one being the dramatic and bold East/North East coast....

375th Anniversary of Parliament in Barbados

We attended the 375th Anniversary of Parliament in Bridgetown, full of...

Can never get sick of these blues

And as usual, Barbados has been showing off its character and colours all week long! 

bits and bobs of beauty

We never get tired of this place!...

Barbados Blues

We will never get tired of the blues of Barbados..breathtaking every time!

Bits and bobs from around the island

The above is a display of our great...

Christmas in Barbados

Christmas is in the air here in Barbados, literally! You can feel that cool breeze at night whilst enjoying all the Bajan Christmas food and drinks! 


The Beautiful Blues of Barbados

Along the way, bits and pieces of our life captured here in Barbardos.

Barbados and its beauty

It can be your life too!