The Rugged East Coast of Barbados

How stunning is the East coast of Barbados? It has to be one of our favourite places on the island- so rugged and untouched! A must see!


The Beautiful Blues of Barbados

And the last couple of weeks have been glorious here on the island with a kaleidoscope of blues on our seas...

Some tasty treats we tried


A few restaurant reviews by Loop Barbados

Here is a look into our island life here in Barbados through our Instagram lens! We did a bunch of restaurant reviews in the past weeks. From Indian cuisine (...

Snippets of the stunning East coast of Barbados

Here is a little peek into our Island Life here in gorgeous Barbados. If you have not been to the East coast of the island before, you absolutely must visit. Rugged and dramatic, this...

The blues of Barbados

Boy do these views of the ocean never get old!

sunrises and sunsets in Barbados

As the sun rises and sets.


Loop Barbados' Adventures

We went on a little adventure and discovered some gems on the island. We will be featuring one of them soon so look out! 

Fresh Food from Barbados


The never ending blues of Barbados

So what did we get up to the last couple of weeks? Here is a little sneak peak.

Lunch at The Tides Restaurant Barbados

Adventures at...

The Beautiful Skies of Barbados

We savoured the view of some amazing sunsets and sunrises in the last couple weeks! 

Local Food of Barbados

We enjoyed some great local dishes that are in...