Top 5: Tips to stay fit on your holiday to Barbados

20th April, 2015
Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Barbados

Yes we know you are on holiday but it still is great to keep fit and in shape when visiting our lovely island. The best thing about keeping fit in Barbados is that there are super fun ways to do that in our brilliant sunshine and with unbeatable views! Here are our Top 5 ways to stay fit when on holiday in Barbados:

Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Barbados

1. Stand Up Paddle Boarding: SUP is a fabulous way to stay in shape while enjoying the sea, sun and beautiful views of the coastline of Barbados. You can either rent Stand Up Paddle boards or book a lesson. We suggest using What'SUP Barbados for a lesson, Ryan will show you everything! Give it a try as its really fun and will work your arms and balance!

2. Snorkeling: With our beautiful reefs and wrecks, why not do some snorkeling and enjoy the underwater wonder. Play with the sea turtles, see the vibrant fish; Carlisle Bay is great for snorkeling the wrecks!

Hiking in Barbados- Cherry Tree Hill

3. Hiking: This may not be something you think of when you visit Barbados, but we do have some stunning inland beauty and natural wonders. You can hike with Hike Barbados every Sunday of the week where they change the location on the island. Check them out here.

Surfing at Freights Bay in Barbados.

4. Surfing: For the adventurous type, why not try some surfing! This will definitely give you a full body workout! Trust us. You can surf at a few places on the South coast, Freights Bay or Inch Marlow. We suggest Ride The Tide Surf School!

5. Boardwalk Running/Walking: The South coast boardwalk is a great area right on the sea where many locals and travelers go to relax, walk or run. On an evening it is definitely the place where many locals exercise. Make an evening of it, by going to walk or run with friends and then enjoy the sunset after!

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All of these tips really useful during the holiday. You have shared fit information for those who want to go anywhere for the holidays. I am also going to best trails in shenandoah national park trip with my friends. I must remember all of these tips during my trip. I hope these tips will make my tour memorable and safe.

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