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The people make the place

How many times have we heard travellers say Bajans make Barbados what it is! Our firendly characters and great spirits give Barbados a certain charm that no other Craibbean Island or country for that matter can compare to! This image of these two divers show...

Beautiful Barbados

Sometimes you have to look a little closer to see the true beauty. 
Happy Tuesday from Beautiful Barbados!

The Wild and Rugged North Coast of Barbados

The wild and rugged are always beautiful! This can especially be said at sunset looking east on the most Northern point of the island of Barbados! Full of underwater caves, dramatic rock formations and gurgling currents, this spot overlooking the cliffs of the...

The sky never forgets to smile at the end of the day...

We sure have some beautiful sunsets here in Barbados!

Happy Weekend!!

What do we do in Barbados?

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Happy Monday!


Hello March from Loop Barbados

As quickly as one month goes one arrives- we are into March already! The month is filled with events, one just passing this last Friday, Saturday & Sunday - Agrofest...

Eat Local

Barbados has some of the freshest farm to table food around! When travelling to and around barbados buy locally grown and sourced food! It's one of the best ways to experience Barbados!