The Crane Beach Barbados

A resolution we have at Loop Barbados! Do you feel the same!?

Often, the unexpected path taken brings the most magic...

Often, the unexpected path taken brings the most magic...
Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Weekend from Loop Barbados

Wishing eveyone a weekend filled with culture! 

A Little Adventure Is Worthwhile In Barbados

Just a little taste of inspiration, "adventure is worthwhile" as stated by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. The world is a book and those who don't travel read only a page. Barbados is a small island, better yet a paradise as it is called. This little island...

Friday Travel Inspiration from Loop

A tit bit of inspiration this Friday morning by Chinese philosopher Confucius. Put passion and your all into anything you do in life including travels. See with new eyes and take everything in, there is so much more than what meets the surface! 

Here is a...

Not all of those who wander are lost

One of our absolutle favorite things to do in Barbados is explore and discover the undiscovered. Just when you thought you have seen everywhere some where else pops up! Just like this path behind the old (and now abandoned) Amercican naval base. The path lead...

Sandy Beach Barbados - perfect piece of simplicity

And the perfect piece for this wonderful Friday in Barbados! Happy Spring to our all our readers up North!

A little inspiration this Friday from us in Barbados

This statement made by Mahatma Gandhi oh so long ago still remains true. It is from our people that our culture emerged and continues to be present. Whether it be in our food, music, or annual activities the people and therefore culture of Barbados is like no...