Off the Beaten Track: Sam Lord's Castle

26th April, 2016
Sam Lord's Castle beach Barbados

The parish of St Philip is host to a number of beautiful cliffs and beaches as well as many of Barbados’ historic stomping grounds. One of these well known locations beloved by many, is Sam Lord’s Castle. This Georgian styled mansion was built in 1820 by the notorious buccaneer Samuel Hall Lord, also known as Sam Lord. The property stands tall overlooking a beautiful beach below, with breathtaking views of the coastline from the surrounding cliffs. As one of the only castles ever built in Barbados, its easy to see why Sam Lord’s Castle is truly off the beaten track.

Sam Lord's Castle Barbados

Sam Lord’s Castle is a haven for local fishermen and it’s possible on occasion, to find them cleaning their catch on the beach below. After some hundred years the estate was turned into a hotel and ran successfully, before financial strain led to its closure many years later. The mansion stood magnificent in all its glory for well over a century before tragically being engulfed in fire in 2010. The property, though not fully reminiscent of its previous grandeur, is accessible to the public and is a popular spot for photographers and beach goers looking for a private and scenic get away. 

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I read online where they are redeveloping the castle into a resort. Is the castle grounds/area still accessible now?

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