Off the Beaten Track: Bay Tavern

18th April, 2012
On the way to Martin's Bay, Barbados.

On the East coast of Barbados there is a secret little hideaway food shop called Bay Tavern in Martin's Bay, St. John which has been in operation for 7 years. As you drive down the steep hill towards the water's edge, you can tell that this bay is not overly populated or commercialized in any way. This place is the epitome of Bajan culture, with locals playing dominoes on the seaside, drinking rum on a Thursday afternoon and just enjoying the delicious and fresh Bajan cuisine that Bay Tavern serves up.

Martin's Bay, St. John, Barbados

Pickled shrimp at Bay Tavern, Martin's Bay, Barbados

Macaroni pie and breadfruit from Bay Tavern, Martin's Bay, Barbados

Red Snapper at Bay Tavern, Martin's Bay, Barbados

We decided to try the pickled shrimp and the marlin with macaroni pie and stir fry breadfruit! One of Bay Tavern's famous picks is the whole red snapper fish which many locals choose for their lunch. It was absolutely delicious and was the perfect lunch spot to dig into some Bajan food whilst enjoying the fresh breeze and rustic view which Martin's Bay offers!




Doug's picture

Looks like we have anther eatery to try on the next visit

Have a great day !!!!!

E.Walton's picture

Never heard of this before. Looks like a local hidden gem.

T. OMalley's picture
T. OMalley

What do I think? I think I'm heading there tomorrow!

Steve Coward's picture
Steve Coward

Great Atmosphere. Meet unexpected friends.Make new friends. Enjoy an afternoon of Food, fun and comraderie.
Fresh breezes straight off the Atlantic Ocean.Great and safe Location.

Dot Ifill's picture
Dot Ifill

Is Bay Tavern, known as Martins Bay open in June 2015? I heard it is closed for the month and I'm here in Barbados now and need to know as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for any responses back.

Dot Ifill

Cardon S. coward's picture
Cardon S. coward

It is always a fun filled day at Bay Tavern . It is usually a time to sit and reminice with long lost "Homies" that i have not seen for many years due to my moving overseas as a young man.
There is never a dull moment at the Bay , because many stories are told that will make you laugh until you have a "belly ache".Of course many of these stories are fishermen' stories ,or School day stories from many years ago . Nevertheless there is nothing more hilarious and funny than to have a half sober /half drunk on stage brining back to mind things that have longed been forgotten.
Any day at Bay Tavern is a fun filled,stress free day. If you ever have an opportunity to visit, do so .
Proprietors Sharon and Junior are always cordial and accomodating. JoJo and Marlon will ensure that you will be served in a timely manner at the bar. The girls in the food section do an extreemly good job preparing and serving to please.
A must visit.

Heather L Griffin's picture
Heather L Griffin

I headed there when I visit next week!!! My mouth is watering for the snapper!!!

We would love to hear what you think.


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