Barefoot on the Beach: Bottom Bay Beach

14th October, 2013
Bottom Bay Beach Barbados

If you have been to Barbados you must know of Bottom Bay Beach! It is, only one of the most picturesque beaches we call our own and was named 47th best beach in the world, by CNN Travel.  Nestled on the South East coast of Barbados, near by The Crane Beach, Beachy Head and Sam Lords Beach, is the famous Bottom Bay. The beach itself is located at the foot of towering coral cliffs. As you stand on the cliff behind the protruding, so perfectly positioned, coconut trees your breath is taken away by the panoramic view that stands before you. Never ending shades of blue, rolling turquoise waves, powdery white sand. 

Bottom Bay Beach Barbados

Bottom Bay Beach has become a very popular picnic spot among both locals and travelers, however it is never crowded which makes it more relaxing and enjoyable. We must remind you to be very careful and cautious when swimming in these waters as there can be rip tides and currents. Enjoy!

Melanie & Kimberly*


Lauren Taylor's picture
Lauren Taylor

Hi there,
I'm wondering if you know how we could contact Ian, the man who sells coconuts on Bottom Bay Beach. We would like to interview him for a documentary that we will be shooting on the island in September. Perhaps he has a cell phone number? Thanks in advance

Thank you!
Lauren Taylor
Trident Productions
The Ocean Channel
323.821.2181 (USA)

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