Attraction Review: Oistin's Fish Fry

22nd October, 2012
Oistins Fish Fry Barbados

Oistins is no secret in Barbados and we would be surprised if the majority of you who have visted our little island of Barbados have not payed this famous fishing village a visit at night to enjoy, well everything. I mean Caribbean beach party's can all in all be the same right? Dancing on the beach, the sound of sweet calypso buzzing in the background, delicious food being passed around and lets not forget - many many tourists! Well wrong, Oistins Fish Fry pushes those boundaries! Among the tourists are distinguished elders who are decked down in suits and bright floral formal dresses and ornated with top hats and bonnets, Michael Jackson impersonators, and sick kick street dancers. The music ranges from that of Kenny Rogers to Sizzla - and this group can dance accordingly whether they be 'wukking up' or 'waltzing around'! The slaps of dominos emerse and the yelps of those winning that same game of dominos can be heard all around. Let us not forget the karaoke...or maybe we should :)

Now people of all form and fashion are here but let us remember why we came - food which can be smelt (and heard) sizzling to perfection, if you may. Barbadian food is considered to be a cornucopia of cultures and Oistins Fish Fry is just the place to experience it all. Every night vendors set up their grills and/or coal pots and prepare different fish varieties and seafood, from marlin, to flying fish, to snapper (whole or filleted) to lobster tails. These are then served with a variety of local and seasonal sides such as breadfruit, macaroni pie, sweet potato, garlic potatoes, peas n' rice (you get the jist). We went to Oistins a few nights ago with some Canadian friends so decided to buy a variety and share - to be exact we ordered Marlin, Swordfish, Snapper and least but most definitely not least Lobster! This was then accompanied by Macaroni pie, sweet potatoes and peas n' Rice. The food was incredible and I will place emphasis on my ultimate favorite - the snapper. Snapper is quite a bony fish however over at Uncle George's stand they fillet the snapper. It was cooked to ultimate perfection and literally melted in your mouth. For all of this we paid $185 BBD ($90 US) - mind you the lobster was BBD $100 (US $50) out of that! We were stuffed beyond belief with some food actually left to wrap up and take away! 

Lobster and Marlin at Oistins Fish Fry Barbados

Oisins Fish Fry is nothing short of stupendous, with people from all walks of life coming togther to celebrate just that - life. This is a place in Barbados you simply must not miss! 


Melanie & Kimberly*


Jayme Hundley's picture
Jayme Hundley

We arrive on Thursday for a 2 week stay and your reviews are very helpful for planning! Thanks so much!!

melanie's picture

So glad we could help! Hope you have a great holiday in Barbados!

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