This or That

Tamarind Balls or Guava Cheese

What Barbadian treat do you prefer to nibble on Guava Cheese or Tamarind Balls?...

Above or below the Barbadian Waters

When exploring the coast of Barbados do you prefer diving with our wildlife beneath the waters or relaxing on a boat sailing atop the pristine Barbadian sea? 

Fish Cakes or Fried Fish

We all love our Barbadian fish, however our question to you is do you prefer it in cakes or straight up?

Which one do you prefer when visiting Barbados

What do you prefer to do when you visit Barbados. 'kick up your feet' and relax or venture and explore the depths and highlands? Maybe both? Let us know below!

What do you prefer when you visit Barbados - the savory local dishes such as macaroni pie and flying fish...

This or That: East VS. West

So tell us, what do you prefer in Barbados, the calm and soothing West coast or the dramatic and adventurous East coast?

This or that: Sunrise VS Sunset

We thought we would start off this week with a little "This or That". So tell us, do you prefer the zen-like sunrise or the drama of the sunset? 

This or That: Rum Punch or Pina Colada

So Tell us, what do you prefer when relaxing on one of Barbados's flawless beaches - Rum Punch or Pina Colada?