This or That

Street Food VS. Fine Dining

When visiting Barbados would you choose a fine dining meal such as one from The Tides Restaurant above? Or would you prefer to buy street food from a local Vendor like Hot...

Brown Rum or White Rum

Sitting at a bar, or perhaps lying in the sun, what do you prefer to sip on - Brown Rum (maybe with some coconut water) or white rum (maybe in a cocktail)? And as you know, it can only be...

Exotic Fruit Barbados

Today we thought we would let you choose from from some local exotic tropical fruit. What do you prefer to snack on while in Barbados, Paw Paw or Pomegranate? When in season, the fruits can be found freshest at...

Coast VS Culture Artwork

What kind of artwork do you prefer? Coastal views or cultural scenes? Or maybe both! These two pieces, one by Catherine Forter Chee-A-Tow and one by Kirsten Dear - both are absolutely fabulous and fun!

Purple VS White Anthuriums

Which colour anthurium would you choose Purple or White? Happy Friday to all our readers and friends! Have a wonderful weekend!

Early morning VS late night in Barbados

Tell us, do you prefer stargazing late at night, or rising early and watching the sun rise?

Wildlife of Barbados VS. History of Barbados

When exploring Barbados do you prefer to step back in time and experience our history or discover the exotic wildlife?

Which do you prefer?

When relaxing, do you prefer views of dramatic cliff sides like Little Bay or never-ending blues as seen at Bottom Bay...