What's Happening: Row for Charity 2014

27th June, 2014
Variety Club the Children's Charity of Barbados

There are so many events constantly happening in Barbados, but what's better than an event which is packed with fun and donates to charity? This weekend we attended the Row for Charity event hosted by the Variety Club of Barbados! You may not believe it but it was my first time attending this event which has been going on for the past 14 years! The event was held at Harbour Lights and on the beach right in front, Carlisle Bay! It started at 9:00 AM and finished around 12 PM with 2 kayak races and 1 stand up paddle board race! There was also a tug of war competition for the children so everyone involved! The beach was buzzing with spectators and of course the participants, with teams sponsored by Virgin Atlantic, iMart, Aesthetic Dental, Harbour Lights and much more!

Beginning of Row for Charity Race Barbados

Getting ready for the races at Row for Charity- Variety Club Barbados

iMart Winners at Row for Charity Barbados

Row for Charity Barbados- Variety Club

Aesthetic Dental Team Winners- Row for Charity Barbados

The winners of the 2 kayak races were iMart Convenience Store and Pharmacy and Aesthetic Dental, congrats to them both! With an exciting prize giving, everyone was super pumped and enjoyed the rest of the beautiful day! It was a great event which encouraged much participation in the local community and of course helped the children of Barbados which is what everyone was there for! Look out for next year's Row for Charity event as it is their 15th year! I am sure the Variety Club of Barbados will be pulling out all the stops to celebrate this wonderful event!

Photography by A3KD

Melanie & Kimberly*

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