On Tour: Inland

14th August, 2013
View from Cherry Tree Hill

While many people from around the world may only know Barbados for its glorious, pristine beaches, be rest assured that our small island of 166 square miles has plenty more to offer! For this segment of “On Tour,” we are going to divert you away from our stunning coastlines and take you inland, where there are many fascinating places we think you should discover!

We cannot talk about the inland beauty of Barbados without mentioning the wondrous Harrison’s Cave. Harrison’s Cave is located in one of the two parishes of Barbados that is NOT surrounded by water, St. Thomas. The Cave offers different types of tours, including a driven tram tour with a friendly, knowledgeable tour guide. You will be in awe when you tour this magnificent wonder. For more information, visit Harrison’s Cave’s website, here.

Harrison's Cave Barbados

You may be getting quite hungry at this point, and if traditional Bajan food is what you’re looking for, Lemon Arbour (officially named “The Village Bar”) is as traditional as it gets! Lemon Arbour is especially popular on Saturdays, but is opened during the week as well. At Lemon Arbour, in St. John, you can get Pudding & Souse, which is what many locals eat for lunch every Saturday, but they offer other delicious meals as well! Order your food, get a drink, and sit on their verandah in a very casual setting, overlooking a stunning view of the countryside in Barbados. For more information, call (246) 624-0135.

Hunte's Garden Barbados

Hunte’s Gardens, located in St. Joseph will take your breath away. Anthony Hunte, who has opened his own private garden to the public, will welcome you with open arms to his floral paradise. With lots of luscious land, there is plenty space to wander about and embrace the magic of Hunte’s Gardens. After you’ve strolled around, feel free to go up to Anthony’s house, where he will delight you with his stories and an authentic Bajan rum punch! If you have any questions or queries, please call (246) 433-3333.


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