Top 5 Tips for Jumping for Crop Over

30th July, 2016
Top 5 tips for jumping for Crop Over in Barbados

Its undeniable that Crop Over is the greatest summer festival around! It’s a time to throw all your stress and worries away as you party the entire summer away. Crop Over is a festival of colour, music, laughter, dancing and joy! So who wouldn’t want to enjoy the season to the best of their ability? Here are 5 must know tips when jumping for Crop Over.

1. Comfortable shoes- This is the number one most important tip to remember when getting yourself prepared to take to the road on Kadooment morning. Keep in mind that you will be spending an entire day jumping and waving for numerous miles along the highways and byways of Barbados. We recommend a comfortable light weight running shoe with a thick rubber sole and comfortable socks. Never underestimate the hot tarmac after the midday Caribbean sun begins to beat down. The thick rubber soles will keep your feet cool and comfortable throughout the day.

2. Sun screen- There is no such thing as too much sunscreen! Be prepared for extreme heat and never ending sunshine. Its best to keep your skin protected through out the day, that’s why we recommend you cover your skin with a quality sunblock SPF 30 and above. Also take along an extra bottle with you; its wise to pause a couple times along the way to reapply sunscreen to your key areas to avoid sunburn later on.

3. Stay hydrated- It’s summer and its bound to be a bit hot out there on the road while your covering up with sunscreen, also remember to grab a few bottles of water from the bar to keep your body hydrated throughout the day.

4. Don’t drink too much- We know that there is an unlimited amount of drinks available on the road and we guarantee you’ll be handed a new drink every time your glass is almost empty. But remember it is better to take your time with the drinks and enjoy the entire day, than to be separated from your friends and rushed to the hospital because you had a bit too many rum punches. Pace yourself!

5. Don’t bring valuables- We know you may want to bring along your expensive phone or camera to capture the experience. However, its best to remember that keeping track of all your valuables won’t be easy. It will be a full day of crowded streets and alcohol, with all the contact and moving around you’re bound to drop something along the way. Leave any valuable items you may have at home; from jewelry right back down to electronics. We recommend you carry a small bag with a small amount of money to purchase anything you may need while on the road. However, don’t take anything you aren’t prepared to lose.

Remember to forget all your stress as you dance the day away! Have a great Grand Kadooment!

Melanie & Kimberly*

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