Top 5 Historic Sites in Barbados

22nd February, 2017
Top 5 Historic Sites in Barbados

Discover the beauty and the history of the beautiful island of Barbados! Explore the island's vast landscapes and dive into the historic events that shaped this amazing nation into the tropical destination it is today. Visit these top 5 historic sites in Barbados!

1. Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison: Bridgetown and its Garrison was names an official UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011, to pay tribute to the area's historic past. As one of the earliest established towns with a fortified port in the Caribbean, Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison was the focus of trade-based English expansion in the Americas. This area had a very important role to play in the development of the British in the Atlantic world. It therefore acted as a centre for the transmission of ideas concerning administration, trade, communications, science, culture and technology in Britain. 

2. Arlington House Museum: Located in the center of Speightstown St. Peter, Arlington House Museum offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience life in Barbados when the town was first established! The museum is housed in a restored eighteenth century building, and consists of an interactive three-story experience that is both educational and engaging. 

3. Nidhe Israel Synagogue: The Nidhe Israel Synagogue is located in Bridgetown Barbados, and holds the distinction of being one of the oldest synagogues in the Western hemisphere. The synagogue was built in 1654 but was later destroyed by a hurricane in 1831. The synagogue was rebuilt after the tragic storm but later fell into disrepair and was later sold in 1929. The synagogue is now under the protection of the Barbados National Trust. The Nidhe Israel Museum, which is located next to the synagogue in the capital city of Bridgetown, traces Jewish history in Barbados dating back to the arrival of the earliest Jews in 1628 and highlights their contribution to Barbadian society.

4. Morgan Lewis Windmill: The Morgan Lewis Windmill is located in the beautiful parish of St. Andrew. It is the last sugar windmill to operate in the island after grinding it last canes in 1947. The Barbados National TrustIn took over ownership of the windmill in 1962 for preservation as a museum. Restoration on the mill began In 1997 and was reopened in 1999 with all its original working parts having been preserved. The windmill’s sails were able to turn once again after the project was completed, and cane was ground again after more than half a century.

5. Gun Hill Signal Station: The Gun Hill Signal Station located in St. George, is the largest and most important military outposts on the island, with it’s military associations tracing as far back as 1697. At that time Gun Hill Signal Station was commonly known as Briggs Hill, and was one of the four points where guns were to be placed to give alarm, in the event of an invasion. When the signal stations were established in 1818, it became the key link in the chain, passing signals from the east to the cliffs of St. John, St. Philip and north to a number of other forts around the island. 

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