Top 5: Budget Friendly Restaurants

17th July, 2014
Mama Mia Italian Deli & Pizzeria

We know that everyone is money consicous during these times, so we have come up with some value for money restaurants to try while visiting Barbados.

Here are our top 5 picks for budget friendly restaurants!

Bajan Budget Friendly Restaurants #1. Blakeys Bar & Restaurant: This casual restaurant has a great island atmosphere. Blakey's on the South Coast board walk in Hastings offers up an affordable and delicious menu with some local favourites. They have some great lunch specials for $25.00 BBD which change on a weekly basis and on Saturdays you can enjoy the local pudding and souse!

Bajan Budget Friendly Restaurants #2. Fishermans Pub & Grub: Located on the North-West coast in Speighstown, you will find Fisherman's Pub & Grub. Sit with family and friends in the open air waterfront restaurant and enjoy inexpensive home-cooked Bajan food such as: macaroni pie, fried flying fish, rice& peas and much more!

Bajan Budget Friendly Restaurants #3. Sand Dunes Restaurant & Bar: Take a cool drive down the East Coast of Barbados , Sand Dunes Restaurant & Bar has a relaxing warm and friendly atmosphere, have a cold Banks beer, light snack or a great Bajan lunch. Your lunch will run you about $25.00 BBD! Give them a call at 422-9427.

Bajan Budget Friendly Restaurants #4. Mama Mia Deli & Pizzeria: Have a little taste of Italy right here in Barbados. A slice of Italian heaven with their authentic pizzas and other gourmet items.Mama Mia Deli & Pizzeria is the perfect place for a lunch date! Right now they have a special on their salads for the month of July, check it out here!

Bajan Budget Friendly Restaurants #5. Cuz's Fish Shack: For the best fish cutters in Barbados you need to pay a vist to Cuz's Fish Shack, located at Pebbles Beach in the parking lot (just before the Hilton Hotel)."Cuz" greets you with a welcoming smile and provides you with a mouth-watering fish cutter with cheese & egg which makes it unique! Your cutter will only cost you between $6- $10 BBD.

*Note that eating out for lunch will be cheaper and easier on your pocket than opting for dinner!


Melanie & Kimberly*

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