Restaurant Review: The Tides Barbados {Dinner}

7th January, 2013
The Tides Restaurant Barbados

After reading our Lunch Review at the Tides Restaurant, Tammie and Guy Beasley (Managing Director and Head Chef respectively) invited us back and said we absolutely must try the dinner. We were most certainly not going to turn that down, another meal at The Tides Restaurant? We think so! We arrived at The Tides Restaurant for 6.30PM, having a feeling it was going to be a fantastic sunset and boy were we right.

Our view at The Tides Restaurant Barbados

As we walked in we immediately started snapping, every second there were different angles of light reflecting off the calm and very humbling West Coast waters. After a few minutes we were invited to sit and commence the meal. We were offered still or sparkling water but decided on the sparkling for a little added kick to our dinner. With out even asking a selection of lemon and lime wedges were brought for our water – now that is service we thought.

Our table setting at the Tides Restaurant Barbados

As we sipped on our water, the traditional bread (although not so traditional) was served. There was two types to choose from, one being rustic with hints of oregano, the other being slightly sweeter with fragrant traces of cinnamon. Although we usually try and stay away from the bread due to its incredibly filling effect we really could not help our selves in this case.

The Tides Restaurant Barbados

Now moving on to what we came here for, the dinner. To start we decided on Crispy Crab and Prawn Cakes served with a Pineapple Coriander Salsa and Orange Mango Buerre Blanc. What stood out most to me in this course was the fact that the cake was not just completely minced but rather there were pieces of crab and prawn throughout it. The cake was impeccably browned and crispy on the outside yet the seafood inside was soft and delicate. The freshness of the cake was perfectly balanced out by the sweet fruit essences brought through by the Pineapple Salsa and Mango and Orange Buerre Blanc. Additionally, although the salsa was sweet it had a subtle kick of spice which had a wonderful lasting effect.   

Crab and Prawn Cake at The Tides Restaurant Barbados

Our second starter was the Local Lobster and Wild Mushroom Risotto finished with Parmesan, Truffle Oil and Lobster Bisque. Now this was so incredibly heavenly we could have just about eaten it for every course – but that would be no fun, would it? The risotto was flawlessly cooked (you could tell someone stood over the pot stirring and stirring slowly adding liquid until it was the ideal consistency) and creamy with significant flavors of nuttiness from the Parmesan and earthiness from the wild mushrooms. It was filled with a generous serving of chopped lobster as well as lobster bisque, the result of this- a Risotto that actually tasted like Lobster! The fresh tomato and scallions sprinkled on the top finished the dish with that last needed bite.

Lobster and Mushroom Risotto at The Tides Restaurant Barbados

With the starter we selected a ‘Stump Jump’ Chardonnay – the lightly wooded wine united perfectly with the both the crab cake and the risotto. Its subtle oak texture provided a wonderful texture with a touch of spice.

Now it was time to wipe the slate – and that is exactly what the Lemon Sorbet – yes homemade – and shaved honeycomb did! The lemon sorbet had just the right balance of tart to sweet ratio and the honey-comb gave it that added umph element which brought out the further flavor of the lemon. Just what we needed to prepare us for the main course.

Lemon Sorbet at The Tides Restaurant Barbados

Now it was time for the climax of the meal. First choice, Jumbo Shrimp braised in a homemade curry, coconut and fresh cream with a duet of Wild and Basmati Rice. There is a saying by many that you eat with your eyes first and if that is so, boy would this dish have disappeared in a second. The shrimp curry was actually served in half of a real coconut shell (yes you read that correctly), very impressive. The curry itself had a real kick to it and the aromas from all the very fragrant spices where infusing the air all around us -traces of cumin, coriander, gara masala were all coming through consistently.  The sweetness of the coconut gave that perfect equilibrium to the dish. Additionally, the duet of wild and basmati rice was silky from the basmati yet rustic from the wild rice, truly a good combination (which I will be using from now when I make my own rice : ) The final touch which gave the whole dish the conclusion it deserved was the fried plantain. It added that further touch of sweetness and cooled down the spicy curry.

Curry Jumbo Shrimp at The Tides Restaurant Barbados

Our next main course was the Fresh Caribbean Char grilled Lobster served with a Herb and Garlic Butter Sauce with Saffron Rice and Char Grilled Vegetables.  This dish was especially bright and completely Carnival – it even tasted as colourful as it appeared. The lobster was bursting with flavor and came straight out the shell. The herb and garlic butter complimented that lobster without over powering it in any way. The saffron flavored rice gave the whole dish a rounded perfume honey like essence that was completed effortlessly by the Char grilled vegetables. It truly is amazing how simple ingredients can produce such intricate meals.

Chargrilled Lobster at The Tides Restaurant Barbados

For our main we thought we would try the dry and delicate rose wine, Cuvee du Bailly – it paired wonderfully with the seafood and did a great job cooling down the spice brought through in the food.

It was now time for the dessert, such a wide variety to choose from and all looking so divine. After much contemplation we decided to go for the Tides Tidation – a rich chocolate ganche scented with cappuccino coffee, set in a flourless cake and glazed with a chocolate topping. This dessert was very rich however surprisingly not too sweet. The coffee deepened the intensity of the chocolate further and the glaze was the perfect finish to a chocolate lovers dream. 

The Tidation at The Tides Restaurant Barbados

To the next dessert we go – Caramel, Banana & Baileys Bread and Butter Pudding. When I first delved into this my first thought, moist! Every forkful was a perfect combination of caramel, banana and baileys, not one of the flavors were over powering but rather completely complimenting. The crunchy topping offered a lovely contrast in texture with the moist, creamy bread pudding as you took each bite. 

Bread and Butter Pudding at The Tides Restaurant Barbados

Now with this course we had the Vidal Ice Wine 2008 from Niagara. It was a congenially overwhelming explosion of fruits as I took my first sip. This sweetness is supported perfectly by the well-balanced acidity and just finished off the meal how it should be finished. Truly a wonderful wonderful experience at The Tides Restaurant. Thank your for your gracious hospitality and decadent food, we cannot wait to be back!

Just a quick price point note for The Tides Restaurant, starters run between US $13-$34 while mains run between US $40-60. Desserts, which are a must have at The Tides are all US $15.50. 


Melanie & Kimberly*

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