Restaurant Review: ChopStix Restaurant

2nd February, 2015

ChopStix restaurant is nestled within Savannah Hotel where they offer an intimate al fresco dining experience. The atmosphere is quaint as you are sitting under the stars in the warm air of Barbados whilst watching the chefs get to work on their next Asian fusion dish! We enjoyed a three course menu from ChopStix, starting off with lobster summer rolls and smoked salmon sushi! The lobster summer rolls were filled with rice noodles, fresh crunchy veggies and tender lobster served with a slightly spicy sweet chili sauce! The sushi was filled with smoked salmon and had an added kick with the pickled ginger and wasabi served on the side!

Dinner at Chopstix Barbados

Dinner at Chopsitx Barbados

For the main course we went for noodles seeing that ChopStix is a noodle bar! We chose the shrimp kuan fen, made up of shrimp and nestled on rice noodles with carrots, chives, tomato and pak choy. The star of the meal was the Sizzling Char Siu Pork Egg Noodles, served upon a super hot iron plate which was crackling and sizzling as it arrived to our table! This dish had a sweet and spicy flavour and was full of char siu pork (Chinese BBQ pork) fried up with egg noodles, pak choy, coriander, onions and garlic. A medley of different tastes and flavours which popped in your mouth!


Dinner at Chopsitx Barbados

We cooled everything down with some dessert of course, we went for the rich tiramisu and the fresh fruit tartlet with a mango passion coulis! See more on ChopStix restaurant here!



Melanie & Kimberly*

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