Flowers of Barbados

21st March, 2017
The flowers of Barbados

There are plenty tropical delights to see when exploring the highways and byways of Barbados. From secluded beaches and gullies to exotic cliff top views, it’s undeniable that this island is quite a unique beauty! With the island’s vibrant Horticultural Society bringing home the gold on multiple occasions, at the annual Chelsea Flower Show, it should come as no surprise the number of beautiful flowers which call this island home. The Barbados Horticultural Society which was formed in 1927, has taken up the mandate of promoting horticulture and facilitating its development in Barbados. The Society has over three hundred members and produces a number of exciting and educational shows through out the year! There are over 700 species of indigenous plants on the island of Barbados. Out of these 700 only two species are specifically unique to Barbados, the Phyllanthus andersonii and Metastelma barbadense which are both vine type plants which produce a small white flower. 

Popular plants which can be found all round the island include: The Hibiscus plant, which produces a bright and colourful flower and only blooms for one day. The Pride of Barbados, the island’s national flower which is proudly featured on the Barbados Coat of Arms. Bougainvillea, which blooms plentifully on all sides of the island and Frangipani which are very popular garden plants as they produce a sweet smelling fragrance during the night. A trip to Barbados is a great opportunity for all you botanists out there to explore the tropical flora and fauna which add to the beauty of this amazing island!

Melanie & Kimberly*

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