In Season: Star Fruit

28th July, 2014
Starfruit Barbados

Star fruit, more commonly known in Barbados as Five Finger, and scientifically referred to as Carambola, is in season this month. The fruit got its name "five finger" because of the five segments or star-shaped cross section. This short-trunked evergreen tree with a widely branched and bushy canopy can be found growing throughout Barbados with the juicy and somewhat mildly acidic fruit.

Off the Beaten Track: Animal Flower Cave

25th July, 2014
Animal Flower Cave, Barbados

Barbados' lone accessible sea cave, the Animal Flower Cave is located on the northern tip of Barbados in the parish of St. Lucy. The amazing and unique cave that opens directly onto the Atlantic Ocean has coral steps which lead down through an opening roof (former blowhole) into the beautiful cave. The cave consists of sea anemones found in the pools, that's how the name "Animal Flower Cave" originated. On the walls of the cave there are colourful rock formations and on calm days, some of the natural rock pools are deep enough to swim.

Festival Fever: Cohobblopot

23rd July, 2014
Cohobblopot Crop Over Barbados

The Festival season is not complete without the red hot and spicy Cohobblopot! In Barbados, Cohobblopot is the most exciting and biggest stage show event of the Crop Over Season. It is held at Kensington Oval on the Sunday night before our Grand Kadooment parade. The word "Cohobblopot" was used by slaves on plantations to describe a stew with a variety of ingredients.

Cooking Bajan Style: Bakes

21st July, 2014
Bajan Bakes Recipe Barbados

There's nothing better than waking up to the smell of Granny's homemade bakes, it makes your heart smile. In Barbados, we eat these bakes or muffins mostly for breakfast, but you can eat them anytime of the day! These bakes can be eaten with cod fish, fishcakes, porridge, cheese or just plain butter! 

Here's the recipe for good ol' fashioned Bajan homemade Bakes:

Bottoms Up: Rum and Coconut Water

18th July, 2014
Recipe for Rum and Coconut Water

When in Barbados it is a must to try coconut water! Coconut vendors can be seen throughout the island of Barbados along roadsides with high piles of coconuts and water to quench your thirst as you go by. Its a very refreshing beverage especially in the tropical island of Barbados. How about Coconut water with Rum? Even more delicious!

Top 5: Budget Friendly Restaurants

17th July, 2014
Mama Mia Italian Deli & Pizzeria

We know that everyone is money consicous during these times, so we have come up with some value for money restaurants to try while visiting Barbados.

Here are our top 5 picks for budget friendly restaurants!

Festival Fever: Calypso

16th July, 2014
Calypso in Barbados

It's a celebration here in Barbados. It's our Crop Over time and what's Crop Over without Calypso! You may be wondering what Calypso really is. The derivation of calypso rhythms were originated by the first African slaves to Barbados and other Caribbean islands in the 17th century. The artform Calypso, is a unique form of music that is an integral part of the Barbadian cultural landscape. Most calypso music usually involves some social commentary, typically a humorous satire on social and political events, with an infectious beat.

This or That: Brown Rum VS White Rum

11th July, 2014
Brown Rum or White Rum

Sitting at a bar, or perhaps lying in the sun, what do you prefer to sip on - Brown Rum (maybe with some coconut water) or white rum (maybe in a cocktail)? And as you know, it can only be Mount Gay!

Have a wonderful weekend! 


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