Barbados 101: What Not to do in Barbados

21st August, 2013
What not to do in Barbados

While Barbados is a sunny and safe destination to travel to, we at Loop Barbados thought we’d share with you a few things we think you should refrain from doing while you’re on vacation here!

What not to do in Barbados #1 – Don’t stand under a manchineel tree when it’s raining: Manchineel trees provide the perfect shady spot when you want to get away from the scorching sun rays, but this is not a good place to shelter from the rain! These trees are poisonous (the leaves, bark, sap and apple-shaped fruit) and the result can be fatal. These trees could possibly be the only dangerous encounter you may have in Barbados, so please be weary of where you shelter from the rain!

What not to do in Barbados #2 – Don’t do drugs: Many tourists come to Barbados under the impression that drugs and marijuana are legal. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. We are very easy-going here in Barbados, but drugs and marijuana are illegal, and just like other countries, the penalty could be jail time, so you should definitely refrain from that.

What not to do in Barbados #3 – Don’t walk in desolate areas at night: Barbados is generally a very safe place to visit, but like everywhere, walking in desolate areas (especially at night) can be quite dangerous. If you want to take that moonlit stroll on the beach, please try and go to a beach that is quite populated with people – perhaps where there is a restaurant or bar around?

What not to do in Barbados #4 – Don’t swim at beaches with rough waters: Especially on the East Coast, the tides and currents of the water can get quite rough. If you’re not a very strong swimmer, we suggest you refrain from going in these waters, especially if many people are not around. If you do decide to go in, try to stay where you can stand up, and perhaps keep a focal point on the land in sight and ensure you are always directly in front of your chosen point of focus. The tides can get quite unpredictable towards the North and East of Barbados, so be careful!

What not to do in Barbados #5 – Don’t forget to lock up: Always ensure you lock up your personal belongings in your accommodation of choice, and if you are renting a car, make sure you keep that locked as well. Be careful not to tempt anyone with your valuables!

What not to do in Barbados #6 - Don't have bon fires on the beach- Having a bonfire on the beach is not only illegal but danergous. As tempting as it may be, please refrain.

Many of the above points are alike the safety precautions in your own home country, but we know that all the real-world problems are forgotten when you’re on vacation (especially in a paradise island like Barbados!) so we just want to ensure that you are always safe when you come to visit us!

Melanie & Kimberly*

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