We are what we eat” and this does not only mean nutritionally. Food makes up the very blueprint of our culture and defines whom real Barbadians are. Barbadian or “Bajan” food has been rated number one by many world travelers in the global cuisine arena. Whether it be a simple cheese “cutter” (sandwich) or our national dish cou-cou and flying fish, visitors leave Barbados wanting more. Just like the other cultural forms, Barbadian food stems from the historical West Indian, English and African ancestry drawing from each accordingly. The word ‘bland’ does not exist in Barbadian cuisine vocabulary due to the amount of spices and fresh herbs used in preparing and cooking the meals. Some of the most authentic and true Barbadian food items are:


Grilled steak-fish – from Mahi Mahi, to King Fish to Snapper
Fried Flying Fish Cutter
Fricassee Chicken
Beef Stew
Pudding n’ Souse
Steamed Flying Fish
Stuffed Chicken
Roast Pork leg


Bajan Macaroni Pie – No, this is not your regular Mac n’ Cheese
 Peas n’ Rice
 Fried Plantain
 Fish Cakes
 Yam Pie
 Corn Pie
 Pumpkin Fritters
 Breadfruit – pickled, cou-coued, fried or in a butter sauce
 Salt Bread
Green Banana


Coconut Bread/Sweet Bread
 Sugar Cakes
 Tamarind balls
 Guava Cheese
 Ice Box Pudding
 Coconut Turnovers
 Jam Puffs